What is the Tempo Grant?

Business Finland

The Tempo Grant, provided by Business Finland, is intended for Finnish startups, SMEs and mid cap companies aiming for international growth that have the desire and ability to build their expertise and solutions into an international success story in innovative ways. Innovation can mean a lot of things, not just the technical implementation of a product or service. The result to be achieved must have a credible advantage over potential competitors.

It’s important to note that before you can apply to the Tempo Grant, your company will need to have EUR 30,000 in assets. Some startups find that first investor and use the invested EUR 30,000 to apply. Some take a bank loan. Got that wealthy family member? Ask them to invest EUR 30,000 in your startup. The maximum amount awarded for the Tempo Grant is EUR 50,000. Oh yeah, Business Finland will only pay 70% of the funding (up to EUR 35,000) after the funding decision, and you’ll get the rest in conjunction with the project’s final report. To learn more about the Tempo Grant, click here.

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