Tell me more about the Startup Grant (Starttiraha).

Startup Grant

The purpose of startup grants is to encourage new businesses and promote employment. The grant provides an entrepreneur with a secure income, however the startup grant doesn’t last longer than 12 months.

Startup grant eligibility leans more towards people who will eventually quit their job and focus full time on entrepreneurship. To learn more about the startup grant, eligibility, and necessary steps, click here.

Something to think about: the daily allowance from the startup grant could change, so to keep this accurate, let’s say the monthly income from this grant is less than 700 euros per month (before taxes). If you have a job paying more than that, is it worth it to quit that job for 700 euros, or less, per month? At Earner, we encourage entrepreneurship, but we’re keeping it real. Do what’s best for you.

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