What about that Nordea loan?

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Sometimes you just have to take that loan. Fortunately there are resources available. As an entrepreneur hoping to get a Nordea bank loan, there are some things to consider. According to Nordea representatives, it strengthens your chances of getting that loan if you already have customers for your business. Why? Simple. If your company has some income, then it’s less risk for them and it shows that you can pay that monthly bill from Nordea.

If you do have customers, and you meet Nordea’s qualifications for a loan, then you can get from 50,000 EUR to 100,000 EUR. On top of that, Nordea can help you out with VCs, advice you on exiting a company, setup accounts in other countries they serve, for that international expansion. Oh yeah, they can lease equipment, such as laptops.

We aren’t specialists with Nordea’s services, so it’s best to contact them for questions. In the mean time, click here.

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