Earner was accepted into Kiuas Start 2019

Kiuas Start is a 3-week program composed of 1-on-1 mentoring, intensive working, invaluable perks, and peer support – aiming to help you validate your idea, secure your first customers, and push your progress to the next level. Out of 81 applicants, Earner was one of the lucky 17 applicants to get accepted.

In this blog, I’ll discuss my first impressions, who I met, how helpful the people behind Kiuas are and more.

First Impressions

When Earner was first accepted into Kiuas, the feeling was, “We are one of the cool kids”. As mentioned earlier, Earner was one of the seventeen amazing teams that got accepted. You couldn’t help but to pat yourself on the back.

The people there were great! It was wonderful to meet the other teams, learn about their companies and aspirations, and meet each one on an individual level while sipping an ice-cold beer. I meet people from all over the world, heard their stories, and saw them not as representatives of a company, but as team members. We were a group of people going through a program together to learn and share learnings.

Because Kiuas has a well-connected group of people, I knew the networking alone would be worth attending the program.

Three Intense Weeks

While Kiuas is a three-week program, it’s an intense three weeks! If you have already a full-time job, finding time to fully dedicate to Kiuas can be challenging. Most of Kiuas gatherings took place in the evening so you’ll have to manage your work schedule to make it there on time.

Every Monday you have to stand in front of your peers and inform them of your goals for the week. At the end of the week, you have to inform them of what you accomplished and what you learned.

Once or twice a week there will be guest speakers. They share their stories, how they overcame their obstacles, and what they’ve learned. Kiuas gave us notebooks to take detailed notes. I advise you to do the same. Some of the speakers have a workshop included in their lectures. You’ll learn a lot from the workshops. The speakers are available for questions at the end of their talk.

Meet Your Mentors

If you have an idea for a company, or already have a company, and want to learn how to take it forward, improve service ideas, and learn more from talking with successful business owners, then Kiuas is the place to go. Once a week there were speed dating like sessions where you met with experts in an industry, similar to yours. These experts are referred to as Mentors. Kiuas took the time to seek out these mentors and then, in a match-making like fashion, matched you with the best person to learn the most from.

When you met with your mentor, they will start with, “Tell me about your startup”. In response, you will tell them in-depth about your company, including the problem(s) you are hoping to solve with your services, and how you intend to make money (revenue streams). Based on their experiences, they would advise you on improvements and inform you of potential competitors that you might not have known about. In addition, mentors may also inform you of services from other businesses that could benefit your company as a whole. The best thing you can do for meeting with your mentors is to keep an open mind and know that your company may need to change some things for the better. Mentors are there to help, but they can’t help much if you think your ideas are the only ones that matter.

Kiuas Cares About Your Success

Once a week you will meet with the Kiuas team to see your progress and how they can improve the program to make it better. This will continue after you finish Kiuas Start, but instead of once a week, it will be about ever three months. I think these post-Kiuas Start meetings happened two or three times after the Kiuas Start program finished.

It’s rare to reach out to participants well after the end of the program to see how they are doing and how Kiuas can help them as they continue to grow. This really impressed me and it’s a reminder that Kiuas is there if I need them.

Still, to this day, I’ll receive an email for a Kiuas get together. Once you have finished the program, you aren’t forgotten.


Kiuas is a great program to attend if you have a great idea for a startup and an open mind. The people behind Kiuas really care about your success as you go forward, well after the program has ended. They introduce you to mentors for advice and who could even invest in your company. The knowledge gained from Kiuas is priceless. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help. Network as much as you can and, hopefully, you’ll find yourself in the Kiuas summer acceleration program.

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Kayla Gordon

Creater of Earner and Software Engineer 👋